College of Arts and Sciences


Katie Huang

A&S President

Mission Statement: To both being together the students if the College of Arts and Sciences as well as advocate for their wants and needs.

Instagram: astribunal

Twitter: ASTribunal

College of Allied Health Sciences


Kendall Lyman

CAHS President

Mission Statement -The purpose of the College of Allied Health Sciences Undergraduate Student Tribunal shall be to represent the College of Allied Health Sciences, to promote, coordinate, and regulate the student activities of the College's Undergraduate Program


Instagram- cahstribunal

College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services


Maggie Kelly

CECH President

Mission Statement: The purpose of the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services (CECH) Undergraduate Tribunal shall be to represent the College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services. The mission is to promote, coordinate, and regulate the student activities of the College, to advise on all affairs and to make recommendations to the College on all affairs and activities related to the College and pertaining to students. The CECH Tribunal exec members shall be representatives and voice of the CECH Undergraduate student body.

Meeting time + Place: Every other Monday, 6:00 PM, Annie Laws

Twitter- @UC_CECHTribunal (should be the same for Instagram)

Instagram: UC_CECHTribunal

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Logan Lindsay

CEAS President

Mission Statement: The University of Cincinnati Engineering & Applied Science Tribunal, founded in 1908, is one of the largest and most active student organizations on campus and serves as the student government entity for the college. Membership is targeted towards undergraduate College of Engineering and Applied Science students but is open to any student at the University of Cincinnati. Our mission is to act as a liaison between the administration of the College of Engineering and Applied Science by representing the student's voice concerning the policies and curriculum of the college. For more information about the organization and how to get involved, visit our website,

Meetings: Every other Monday at 5pm starting January 14th, location TBD.

Twitter: @UCTribunal

College of Medicine


Farhan Ilyas

COM President

Mission Statement: The College of Medicine Tribunal represents all undergraduate students in the College of Medicine, providing a voice for student representation along with programming and networking for our student body throughout the academic year.

Meeting information: We hold biweekly general body meetings on Thursday nights at 6:45P. Meetings will take place in Swift 519 on West Campus.

College of Nursing

Liv Sload

CON President

Nursing Tribunal is an organization that is composed of nursing undergrad students to better the College of Nursing. In the past Nursing Tribunal has made purchases for lab supplies (that are used daily by nursing students), microwaves for the college, keruigs for the college, has sponsored social events for networking and communication throughout the college, and provides food and fun activities throughout finals week. Our job is to improve student satisfaction in order to increase retention rates, motivate students through nursing school, and create a community where the nursing students feel safe, at home, and ready to learn.

Meeting: Every third Sunday of the month we have our executive meetings at the Main Street Starbucks. We have combination meetings with the entire College of Nursing, Men in Nursing, and Student Nurses Association once monthly on a day that works best for most individuals in the college.


College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning


Alexandra Steigerwald

DAAP President

Tribunal’s purpose: The purpose of this organization is to enhance the overall educational experience of DAAP by coordinating student activities and opportunities, which promote social interaction, college unity, and educational improvements within this college and the university.

Meeting time + place:

Social media handles:

Instagram: @ucdaaptribunal

Snapchat: @daapsnaps

Twitter: @DAAPTribunal

Facebook: @DAAPTribunal

College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)


Alex Belkin

CCM President

CCM Tribunal



Jeff Bogenshutz

COB President

College of Business